Class of 2018, Senior, Senior Boys

Jack | Urban Anchorage Senior Pictures

Anchorage weather is one of those things you really can’t count on from minute to minute. When Jack stopped by our studio to start our session it was a mild day, with light clouds in the sky. Twenty minutes in, as we walked around downtown Anchorage, hail started falling from the sky. Of course there were jokes about hail happening on Jack Hale’s senior session! Something I’m sure Jack has heard many times before. But we slogged our way through and continued on through the rain and hail and wind and even a cop stopped us!

Jack was an extremely good sport about the whole ordeal, a natural model, and actor Jack was so fun to hang out with and photograph. Jack, as it is an amazingly talented performer, having something at Carnegie Hall and performed in many different types of theater productions. Jack has perfect hair and a perfectly care freestyle most guys would be jealous of.

For Jack’s session I wanted to explore downtown textures, to give him an actors headshot that he can be proud of. Jack is hopefully going to be attending Baldwin and Wilson after graduation to study performing arts. Hopefully I’ll get to see him on Broadway in New York someday!

Jack session shows us that come rain or come shine, amazing senior photos are always to be had!