Class of 2017, Senior, Senior Girls

Senior Year: Mari

Mari, a senior from West High, has all the things going for her senior session! From the various locations around midtown, including Black Cup, to her awesome outfits, Mari’s senior session is great! Mari has a love for all things coffee and art! Her drawings are great and I’m so glad I got to capture her while she drew. Mari’s sweet pups even made a little cameo on her senior session! These little doggies were well behaved and really fun to photograph!

For her session, Mari wanted the more rustic side of Anchorage. So instead of the more industrial side of Ship Creek, I photographed Mari on the more simple side of Ship Creek and it certainly paid off! Mari had some great outfits to go along with her locations, her jacket, the simple blouses, and the hats- oh the hats! Mari rocked those sun hats like nobody else.

Here’s to a great senior year Mari!