Seniors, you are about to embark on a journey unlike any other in your life. As childhood ends and you prepare to step into the world, whether it’s to enter into higher education, military service, or begin your career, Shalem Photography is ready to capture you on film during this special time of your life. You are unique, unlike any of your classmates and friends, and your 2017 senior pictures should be just as original. Because you are unforgettable, we want to make sure your senior pictures are equally memorable with a customized senior picture portrait session. Download our Shalem Photography Senior Style Guide today. This helpful PDF guide provides ways we can photograph you at your best, doing what you love most. Book your session and download the Guide today. 

Over the years, Shalem has cultivated the very best in fashion trends and styles for High School Seniors.  We’d love to email you his Senior Style Guide, fill in the details below and the guide will be on the way shortly!