Class of 2016, Senior, Senior Girls

Veronika and Mikayla are sisters who look so much a like you might think they’re twins,….  okay they’re actually identical twins. I’ve taken twin senior pictures before, and always try to find what makes each twin unique. Mikayla and Veronika are super close and have the same kind of bond I love having with my own sister. These girls love fashion and definitely enjoy modeling. For our multiple shoots together we touched on many of the things that each of them love. Our first shoot was a vintage throwback to the 40s with cute high-waisted shorts and hair styled into victory rolls, our second shoot were modern fashion senior photos downtown, and our last shoot were sweet summertime beach portraits.

I loved being homeschooled myself (quickly checks for misspellings in this blog post), and actually went to the same school these girls are attending, Family Partnership Charter School. These sisters are going to take over the world, I can’t wait to read about them in some magazine in the future!