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Bailey Smith | WHS CO 16 |

Not everyday has to be sunny in order to take beautiful photos! Just take a look at West High School senior Bailey Smith’s senior pictures! For Bailey’s senior session, we went down to Point Woronzof just off the Coastal Trail downtown. The lightly overcast day lent itself to a serene beach scene and provided just the right amount of mood lighting. I had a fun time photographing Bailey against the buildings of historic downtown Anchorage, but she truly shined in her flowing white dress as she walked along the shoreline, violin in tow.

Erica Stewart| SAHS CO 16 |

Take a look at this beauty! We had a lovely time with South Anchorage High School senior Erica Stewart! Among Erica’s well rounded list of interests is a love for the outdoors, including fishing, hiking, and camping, so it was obvious that we had to get ourselves into the Alaskan wilderness for her senior session! Erica’s choice to dress in simple, flowy whites made for an excellent contrast between herself and the vivid natural backgrounds, which allowed her to really pop in her photos without looking out of place.


Erin Bachman | EHS CO 16 |

We had a blast with East High School senior Erin Bachman! For Erin’s senior session, we took a trip down the Knik Arm to Beluga Point. The Beluga Point area is such a cool place for senior photos, because there’s a huge variety in scenery in just one location. All you have to do is turn the other way and your photos look like they’re in a whole now place!

Erin found all the fun nooks to pose in, etching out space against the brick buildings and among the rock formations. She simply radiated in the golden hues of the late summer sun!


Caiti Hammett | BHS CO 16 | Alaska Cheerleader Senior Photos

What a time we had with sweet-hearted Bartlett High School senior and cheerleader Caiti Hammett! We took Caiti all around Anchorage for her senior session, finding perfect places everywhere from downtown alleys to the shore of the Cook Inlet. The lightly windblown day gave Caiti a perfectly natural look in all her photos, expertly tossing her hair from her eyes in the way that only nature can. Caiti thoughtfully chose her outfits – a sparkled dress, her cheerleading outfit, and a floral piece with a cozy cardigan. We absolutely love her style — in fact we might┬ábe slightly obsessed with her rust colored cardigan.