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Jaden Frazier | SAHS CO 17

Senior Year: Jaden

It’s such a huge compliment when a family picks me to photograph not only one of their children for their senior pictures, but all of the siblings that follow! Alexa, and Keaton were a blast to photograph and Jaden was no exception! Jaden rocked his plaid shirts, and his timeless polo look with his button-shirt and shorts. We traversed the alleys of downtown during Jaden’s senior session and between the industrial feel of the backgrounds and Jaden’s immense smile, Jaden’s senior pictures turned out great! It’s always nice to photograph a different side of downtown instead compared to the metro feel of some of my other sessions.

Here’s to a great second half of senior year Jaden!

Class of 2018 Senior Model Call

It’s that time of year again where we select a few senior models from each high school to represent our brand!

We are looking for male and female class of 2018 models for our upcoming senior campaign. Models will have exclusive access to group editorial photo shoots as well a senior session created just for them. This year will be all about real beauty and creating one of a kind sessions others will be desperate to copy. Send us an email for more information!

    Paige Siegfried | DHS CO 17

    Senior Year: Paige

    When Paige and her mom first contacted the studio we were beyond excited, for us it’s the biggest compliment when the family comes to us again after having one of their seniors photograph by us. We photographed Giuliana pages sister a couple years back and had a wonderful time! Paige and Giuliana might be sisters but like most sisters, their total opposites! For pages session we went out into the frigid cold in November and took some gorgeous photos in the frosty air. I was so glad to have Pages friend Rachel with us keeping us company.

    For pages session we explored ship creek from all of the rusting industrial con exes to the beautiful rustic weathered wood and autumn leaves. If you can believe that we found autumn leaves in November in Alaska! More than anything else Paige wanted natural unposed candid photos of her self she wanted look to look like who she really is! That’s our favorite thing to do!

    This year at Shalem photography we are all about unretouched unfiltered beauty we don’t take our photos and photo shop before we post them we just post them with a little filter love! This is how we keep it authentic and keep it real real beauty real personality real you!

    Mari Davis | WHS CO 17

    Senior Year: Mari

    Mari, a senior from West High, has all the things going for her senior session! From the various locations around midtown, including Black Cup, to her awesome outfits, Mari’s senior session is great! Mari has a love for all things coffee and art! Her drawings are great and I’m so glad I got to capture her while she drew. Mari’s sweet pups even made a little cameo on her senior session! These little doggies were well behaved and really fun to photograph!

    For her session, Mari wanted the more rustic side of Anchorage. So instead of the more industrial side of Ship Creek, I photographed Mari on the more simple side of Ship Creek and it certainly paid off! Mari had some great outfits to go along with her locations, her jacket, the simple blouses, and the hats- oh the hats! Mari rocked those sun hats like nobody else.

    Here’s to a great senior year Mari!

    Katrina Crawford | SAHS CO 17

    Senior Year: Katrina

    Katrina, a senior from South Anchorage High School, had the best expressions for her senior pictures! Katrina also had a ton of variety in her outfits! From her timeless striped sweater top, to her red patterned top, Katrina had a great selection in her senior pictures. The gypsy blouse paired nicely with the grungy background as well as the sunny outdoors.

    Katrina definitely had the smize going for her senior pictures! Seriously, Katrina was a natural in front of the camera. She made my job so easy!

    Here’s to an awesome senior year Katrina!

    Lauryn Baldwin | DHS CO 17

    Fall Senior Pictures for Lauryn!

    Lauryn Baldwin lucked out for her senior pictures, she still had those beautiful fall leaves to photograph with! Her mauve cocktail dress was a great color to compliment the scenery around downtown Anchorage! Her simple berry long sleeved top was a great pairing for the rustic backgrounds I photographed her at. Her denim jacket was a great accessory for her senior session! Using layers, such as jackets, or scarves, give you a great variety for your outfits for your senior pictures.

    Lauryn was a lot of fun to photograph and here’s to wishing her well for her senior year!

    Halle Carter | SAHS CO 17

    Volleyball Senior Session in Downtown Anchorage for Halle!

    Halle, a senior from South Anchorage High School, was a blast to photograph for her senior session! It’s not everyday that I get to photograph a senior inspired by a sport, but when I do, I always like to make it feel more of a Sport’s Illustrated session than just a senior holding a ball. Halle definitely looked like a model for her senior pictures! From the urban setting of downtown Anchorage to a park, she had the perfect style. Her rain coat paired great with the metropolitan feel of the Anchorage Museum. While adding the scarf gave her a great variety for her senior pictures! Halle’s simple striped shirt was a great compliment to the urban feel of the downtown alleyways.

    Halle was a lot of fun to photograph her senior pictures, and I hope she loved the final images as much as I do!

    Good luck on your senior year Halle!

    Dawson Lind | SAHS CO 17

    Senior Year: Dawson

    South Anchorage High School’s senior Dawson Lind has so much variety in his senior pictures! From a salvage yard to locations around Turnagain Arm, Dawson’s senior pictures show a diversity that so many seniors wish to have in their senior pictures. Dawson’s various outfits also helped him have a large collection of pictures. His simple long sleeve shirt paired immensely well with the rustic cables from the salvage yard. Dawson’s blazer with a dress shirt complimented the scenery around Beluga Point.

    I had so much fun photographing Dawson around the salvage yard. The location was a nice change in scenery from the usual spots I photograph my senior clients. Thanks for showing me this place Dawson and here’s to a great year!

    Kylee Campoamor | DHS CO 17

    Senior Year: Kylee

    Oh those fall leaves, how I miss you. Kylee, a senior from Dimond High School, had the perfect fall colors for her senior session! The golden glow complimented her skin tones and her outfits. Her mauve blouse paired perfectly with her saxophone and the fallen leaves. The various locations around south Anchorage gave Kylee a great selection for her senior photos! The fall leaves, the industrial setting of Kincaid Chalet, and the early fall grass gave Kylee a well rounded senior session. Her friend Breanne helped out for Kylee’s senior session and even made a cameo appearance!

    Here’s to a wonderful second half to your senior year Kylee!

    Brianna Bundick-Kelly | BHS CO 17

    Senior Year: Brianna

    Brianna, a Bartlett High School senior, is a bubbly senior who was all smiles when she came in last fall for her senior pictures. She is a talented hip hop dancer, seriously, she has her own Youtube channel, who loves Beyonce.

    For her senior session, Brianna wore vibrant colors that complimented the warmth of the fall colors in the background. Her pink checkered tank top stood out amongst the golden leaves that still hung on the trees. Her simple stripped dress was in perfect combination against the rustic graffitied wall. Her friend, Erich, came along to help for her senior session and they both had me in stitches from laughing so much.

    Here’s to a great senior year Brianna!