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Trevor Schnug | GPrep CO 18

Trevor | Outdoor Alaska Senior Session

I am always so flattered when clients fly across the country to photograph with us! Trevor and his mother Cathy flew in to Anchorage and spent an amazing day photographing at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. Kincaid Park is one of those great locations that has pretty much every type of scene you could hope for for senior pictures. We went from the sand dune’s, to lakes, bunkers, Alaskan forest, and everything in between!

I don’t know what it is that we do to deserve such amazing clients like Trevor, he made our job so easy. Trevor has one of those infectious smile’s and great personalities that you just love to hang around. Trevor and his family lived in Anchorage for a while and he wanted some photos to capture our incredible scenery. Mountains just seemed to be required! It was a blast photographing Trevor for his senior pictures!

Alexis Shipman | DHS CO 17

Senior Year: Alexis

Dimond High’s senior, Alexis, was a blast to photograph for her senior session! I always love photographing in the evening because the light is just magical. Plus, the mountains in Hatcher’s Pass didn’t hurt much either. I always love photographing outside of my usual spots in town, it’s nice to mix it up once in a while. Alexis really loved the tall golden grass at Hatcher’s, so it only made sense to photograph Alexis’ senior pictures at Hatcher’s Pass last fall. The rugged mountains provided a great background for Alexis and her simple wardrobe. Alexis spiced up her wardrobe with her floral romper amongst the tall grass and the industrial parts of Hatcher’s.

Alexis was such a joy to work with and here’s to a great senior year Alexis!

Lauren Baston | SAHS CO 17

Senior Year: Lauren

Lauren, a senior from South Anchorage High School, rocked the jacket look for her senior pictures. The simple jeans paired with a white flowing blouse and oak colored jacket makes for a classic outfit for senior portraits. This allowed Lauren to be the focus of the images from her senior session.

The park like scenery of Bird Point made for a great background for Lauren’s senior pictures. We mixed it up a bit with a couple spots along the Turnagain Arm, giving Lauren some variety to her senior pictures! Lauren was a lot of fun to photograph, her and her friend had me cracking up her entire session. Thanks Lauren for the fun times!

Have a great senior year Lauren!

April Ingrim | SAHS CO 17

Senior Year: April

April Ingrim, a senior at South Anchorage High, is all about skiing, so of course we had to incorporate one of her favorite hobbies in her senior portraits! With a later snowfall this past winter, we decided to photograph April in her full ski gear in our studio, and traversed to Girdwood for the rest of her senior session. It’s always fun to go to different different places than my usual locations for senior pictures. April and I started at the base of the mountain and went up towards the top to catch that perfect fall sunset. April’s outfits were a great compliment to the environment we photographed in. Her vests and jackets were a great choice for the fall weather and the mountainous location for her senior pictures.

Here’s to a great snowy ski season April!

Sydney Bulot | SAHS CO 17

Senior Year: Sydney

South Anchorage High School’s Sydney Bulot had all the color in her senior pictures! The summer had a lot beautiful flowers and we just had to include them in Sydney’s senior pictures. Between her white flowy dress, and her bright tangerine blouse, Sydney embodied the feeling of summer! Walking along West Anchorage, we stumbled upon some gorgeous fireweed, as well as the lagoon, giving Sydney a park-like scenery to her pictures. Sydney was such a joy to work with! I hope she loves her senior pictures as much as I do!

Have a great second half of senior year Sydney!

Lila Bradison | WHS CO 17

Senior Year: Lila

West High’s senior, Lila Bradison, is a bit of a renaissance woman with her hobbies: skiing, cheerleading, and caribou hunting! We had to incorporate the forrest into her senior pictures somehow. So along the Turnagain Arm we went! The McHugh Creek Fire last summer provided a stunning backdrop for Lila’s senior portraits.

Lila’s outfit choices for her senior pictures were great! Lila’s Hussar-like jacket complimented the timber beautifully, as well as er simple white dress making a stark contrast between her and the darkened background of the forrest. Her accessories were simple and effortless, allowing her to be the focus of the images.

Here’s to a wonderful senior year Lila!

Alec Gassman | SAHS CO 2017

Senior Year: Alec

South Anchorage High’s senior, Alec Gassman, was a total blast to photograph for his senior pictures! Him and his family had me in stitches from laughing so much! Alec wanted more of the industrial feel for his senior pictures and I was happy to oblige. Combining a few of the more metro spots around downtown with a few of the more industrial alleyways, Alec has some great variety for his senior pictures! His simple button up shirt paired with the urban feel of downtown formed the perfect combination for classic portraits.

Here’s to a great senior year Alec!

Marielle Luke | SAHS CO17

Senior Year: Marielle

Marielle Luke, a senior from South Anchorage High, is a fencing star! So of course we had to incorporate her sword into her senior pictures! Marielle even had an article in the local paper written about her, she’s that good. Fencing aside, Marielle was a total blast to photograph for her senior pictures! She’s such a bubbly person and her laugh is completely infectious.

Marielle was one of the first seniors from our Class of 2017 so she had the great summer weather for her senior pictures. I photographed Marielle around downtown Anchorage and along the coastal trail, giving her the metro feel of downtown to compliment the nature feel of the trail.

Hope the rest of senior year is great Marielle!

Maddie Abell | SAHS CO 17

Senior Year: Maddie

Maddie, a senior at South Anchorage High School, had the perfect late summer weather for her senior pictures! Usually August is a constant source of rainy days, but not 2016!

Maddie had the warm winds for her senior session, adding movement to her portraits. I photographed Maddie along the Turnagain Arm and her pictures turned out great! The Arm always has a great variety of locations to give seniors an assortment of images to look through. Adding to Maddie’s collection of locations, Maddie had a great choice in outfits for her senior pictures! From the white flowy dress to her more Alaskan outfit of a simple vest with x-tra tuff boots, Maddie had a great range to her senior pictures and I hope she loves them as much as I do!

Here’s to a awesome senior year Maddie!

Jaden Frazier | SAHS CO 17

Senior Year: Jaden

It’s such a huge compliment when a family picks me to photograph not only one of their children for their senior pictures, but all of the siblings that follow! Alexa, and Keaton were a blast to photograph and Jaden was no exception! Jaden rocked his plaid shirts, and his timeless polo look with his button-shirt and shorts. We traversed the alleys of downtown during Jaden’s senior session and between the industrial feel of the backgrounds and Jaden’s immense smile, Jaden’s senior pictures turned out great! It’s always nice to photograph a different side of downtown instead compared to the metro feel of some of my other sessions.

Here’s to a great second half of senior year Jaden!