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Krystelle Masters | GHS CO 16 |

Krystelle Masters is a master of style!

Lovely Kristelle from Grace High School is an artist and loves to create, and that shows through in her fashion choices. We worked in the diverse downtown area, which gave us the opportunity to capture her unique look in different lights. In her cool black number and fantastic hat, the white outdoor backdrop had her looking straight out of a magazine. Then up against the concrete city steps with her hollywood hair, we channeled her inner movie star. And of course we found ourselves in every Anchorage teen’s natural habitat: the local coffee shop.

However great her style is, it’s the confidence she exudes that makes her such a stunner!


Becca Land | ACS CO 16 |

Introducing Becca Land, Anchorage Christian School senior, class of 2016!

Becca told us she likes to hike in Girdwood, so off to the Arm we went! There are so many different looks to be created along the Turnagain Arm, from a windblown beach along the rocks, to the Alaskan mountain backdrop across the inlet, to the leafy forest of the Chugach. It’s especially diverse in the late summer/early fall when we were there with Becca, because we still have fresh greens and blue skies, while at the same time the leaves are beginning to turn for those rich fall colors.

Becca got quite the variety in her senior photos!

Lindsey Nuss| SAHS CO 16 |

Check out Lindsey’s senior photos!

For Lindsey’s senior session, we jetted over to the Anchorage Museum to take advantage of its classy architectural backdrop. Lindsey wanted to showcase her favorite color, pink, in her photos. Instead of wearing it, we incorporated the color with some pretty helium filled balloons! Finding the pink in a prop allowed Lindsey to pick the more versatile black dress that she loved!

We were lucky to have such a perfect day for an outdoor session – you can see the clear blue sky reflected on the mirrored walls of the museum!

Jack Vice | WHS CO 16 |

Introducing West High School senior, Jack Vice.

For his senior photos, Jack wanted to keep it humble. We took a trip outside to some well worn walls and took a seat. Jack brought a few different outfits and we found a few different places, but his choice to keep his signature baseball cap firmly on his head added a very cool sense of continuity to his photos.

Though the metal may be rusty and the paint chipping away, Jack emanates a sense of strength and a warmth that adds a layer of comfort wherever he goes.


Ella Meshke| SAHS CO 16 |

Hello from Ella of South Anchorage High School!

Ella is a lover of fashion, so of course she is a sharp dresser! Her outfits are pretty yet simple, which is perfect for being photographed. Plus she knows what looks good on her – just look at how that purple top compliments her gorgeous eyes! And up against that painted brick wall — double pop!

We took Ella for a walk downtown to find some hidden gems to pose in, like a cool city alley way, and, as mentioned, that awesome turquoise brick wall!

Jordan Moore| SAHS CO 16 |

Meet South Anchorage High School senior, Jordan Moore.

Jordan loves football, so the #1 thing we had to do was photograph him in his uniform! We absolutely love the intensity in his football photos! Just look at his face, and you can see he is a serious player. Let’s also take a second to mention that he doesn’t seem to have helmet hair — in fact his hair looks awesome. Teach us your ways, Jordan!

As a sporty guy, Jordan loves to be outside, so we got some nice relaxed photos with simple backgrounds to compliment his comfortable flannels.

Chas Anderson| WHS CO 16 |

Hello, Chas!

Chas is a competitive tennis player at West High, so it was a no brainer to take his photos on the tennis court. We went two ways with this look. The first is more realistic, showing Chas holding his tennis racket on the boundaries of the court. The second shows our senior sitting relaxed by the net, but with a surreal background of flying tennis balls. So cool!

Out of his tennis digs and into his street clothes, Chas showed us his classy young professional style. We played up his image by taking him downtown; the architectural backgrounds complimented his button-down look with an urban feel.


Nicole McCormick| SAHS CO 16 |

Say “Hello!” to Miss Nicole!

For South Anchorage High School senior Nicole McCormick, we highlighted two of her favorite pastimes in her senior photos: basketball and spending time outdoors. Her basketball was of course the perfect prop to personalize her session, so we carried it with us! The plywood and concrete backgrounds speak to her sporty passions as well. To capture her adventurous nature, we found an outcropping of lush berried trees, and she jumped right in! We are absolutely in love with how the rich green of the leaves complimented her gorgeous red hair, so pretty!


Bailey Smith | WHS CO 16 |

Not everyday has to be sunny in order to take beautiful photos! Just take a look at West High School senior Bailey Smith’s senior pictures! For Bailey’s senior session, we went down to Point Woronzof just off the Coastal Trail downtown. The lightly overcast day lent itself to a serene beach scene and provided just the right amount of mood lighting. I had a fun time photographing Bailey against the buildings of historic downtown Anchorage, but she truly shined in her flowing white dress as she walked along the shoreline, violin in tow.

Erica Stewart| SAHS CO 16 |

Take a look at this beauty! We had a lovely time with South Anchorage High School senior Erica Stewart! Among Erica’s well rounded list of interests is a love for the outdoors, including fishing, hiking, and camping, so it was obvious that we had to get ourselves into the Alaskan wilderness for her senior session! Erica’s choice to dress in simple, flowy whites made for an excellent contrast between herself and the vivid natural backgrounds, which allowed her to really pop in her photos without looking out of place.